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How Our Referral Program Works

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1. Refer a Client to Us

To send a client to UTSPM, simply fill out the form at the bottom of the page. Please let your customer know to expect our phone call.

2. We Get in Touch

We will call your customer and explore the property management options available for their property.

3. We Pay You

Every client who signs a management contract with us will net you a referral fee: 20% of the first month's rent.

Urban to Suburban Property Management

Why Refer Clients to Us?

Benefits You'll Enjoy

You Keep Your Clients

Referring a client to us doesn't need to mean losing a potential sales commission. Let us handle the property management of your client's home and we'll refer future sales back to you.

Keep Liability to a Minimum

Don't open yourself up to unnecessary liability by providing advice on topics like rental insurance or housing laws. Instead, let our team keep your customer compliant.

Protect Your Interests

We provide written contracts to our referral clients. Rest easy knowing you're working with a trustworthy firm that will honor the terms of our agreement with you.

Maintain a Stellar Reputation

Our team understands how long it takes to build a reputation in the real estate industry. Don't throw that away on a bad property management partner. We'll work overtime to make you look good.

Earn Unlimited Referral Fees

Every time a referral signs a new property management contract, we will write you a check; earn 20% of the first month's rent as our thank you!

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Some Sample Numbers

Average Monthly Rent
1yr Earnings From Just 2 Referrals/Month
Just 1yr of Protected Sales Commissions

Looking Forward to Working with Eric Again

"I worked with Eric on rental and found him to be efficient, resourceful, and extremely professional with his clients & vendors. He's always thinking two steps ahead of the transaction ensuring homeowners, renters, and seller's needs are taken care of before an issue arises. I know when I work with Eric I can relax because he is a result oriented property manager that will cater to the specific needs of his clients." View Original Review

 - Thrilled Agent