Owner Services

Manage your life, not your rental property.

Urban to Suburban Property Management is here to make your life as a property owner easier. Let us worry about the mundane stuff so you can relax on auto pilot. Our leasing services will handle the following on your behalf: marketing, showings, screenings, and so much more.

We handle everything that makes managing a property overwhelming; in other words, we take care of the stuff that makes being a property owner not much fun. Let us step in and take care of all of the day to day tasks such as the financial and administrative details, accounting, routine maintenance, tenant maintenance requests etc., while you sit back, relax, and collect direct deposit rent payments.

You can keep up on the happenings at your property through your online owner account. Your account opens the doors for 24/7 access to detailed property reposts, bills, service request invoices, etc.


Who doesn’t like getting paid? No one, that’s who! That is why we have our secure online payment system. It allows us to collect rent payments from your tenant(s) online and then directly deposit your profits into your bank account so the money is readily available. Sound good?

Our accounting services leave you without headaches. We provide a full battery of accounting services:

  • We manage your account payables and receivables so you don’t have to.
  • We offer 24/7 secure online access to all of your financial statements, monthly reports, delinquent accounts and accounts payable/receivable.
  • Manage the payment of expenses incurred with operational costs.
  • Create budgets and expense reports, provide invoices related to operations and provide annual tax statements.


Finding a tenant can be difficult without the right help. Let us ease the burden by marketing your property for you, screening potential tenants and getting the lease signed so that you can start raking in the dough! We know D.C. and how to market your property to the metropolitan area and surrounding counties. We do our homework to figure out which market trends to target so that we can attract the perfect tenant for your property.

Let us worry about your marketing tools, social media presence and most importantly getting your property rented!

To make sure your property is always in tiptop shape we offer the following services (a few we mentioned and a few we didn’t yet):

  • Comprehensive marketing plan
  • Facilitate needed repairs, painting, lawn care, snow removal, etc.
  • Document storage, filings and administrative services
  • Comprehensive tenant screenings
  • Lease negotiations
  • Move-in/ move-out inspections and coordination


Get that lease signed! If you live in-state, stop by our office to finalize the lease and give us your John Hancock. If you live out-of-state a fax or an electronic signature will work just fine.

We know the administrative stuff is tedious so hand it over to us! We will handle the following services while you enjoy the benefits of having a property manager.

  • Enforcement of the terms you have defined in your lease agreement with the tenant
  • Maintain all security funds in escrow mandated by state jurisdictions
  • Advise and administer lease renewals, rent increases and notices
  • Advise and register rental unit of property for jurisdictional licenses


Routine Checkups:
We want to make sure your property is always being taken care of so we conduct bi-annual detailed inspections to address any issues that have occurred in the last six months. We only work with secure, licensed and competent contractors or your preferred contractor for property repairs and regular maintenance to ensure the job will be well done up to your standards and stays within your budget.

For those “Oh No!” moments:
You don’t need to worry about handling problems on what was supposed to be your day off or getting up in the middle of the night to address an emergency maintenance request anymore!

We will take care of all property maintenance requests shortly after they have been submitted to our online portal. The maintenance process is simple:

  1. Something goes wrong (Oh no!)
  2. The tenant submits a request online (That was easy!)
  3. You are notified the request has been made (Isn’t email great?)
  4. We process the request and send someone out to fix it (All better!)
  5. We send a maintenance request invoice to your account for you to pay online or deduct from next month’s check (Wow, that was simple!)

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